The Kesch Trek offers four days of spectacular hiking in the Graubünden mountains, starting from the
Flüela Pass and ending at Bergün. The hike has a total length of 48 or 56km. By night you stay at specifically appointed huts on the route.

The best time to go is at the end of June, beginning of July or in September. Check for more information this link.

We took the Kesch Trek in Switzerland in 2008. From Davos we left for four days, hiking from hut to hut to hut. A spectacular hike, despite the fact we had to face rain, wet snow and hailstorms on the first day – eventhough we left a sunny Davos -.

AT our first hut our ‘hostess’ didn’t want to make a fire for the visitors, while we were all soaked and the temperature had already dropped to just 5 degrees Celsius. The rain continued to fall steadily from the sky all night. The next morning it was freezing cold and we desperately wondered whether we still wanted to continue. With the announcement that the weather would really improve today, we started our second day and yes, after two hours of walking it cleared up again and finally the joy began!

The next three days we hiked in better temperatures and a nice, warm sun, enjoying the beautiful views. It really only got a bit tensive Genoten we van prachtige vergezichten en vonden we het eigenlijk alleen even spannend worden on the steep part of the last climb to the top of Fuorcia Pischa. The rest of the hike was easily to do, although we did wonder how we’d had done it if the weather was bad. The marks on the trail weren’t very visible, so we were happy it wasn’t rainy or foggy.